Some People

Some people just never learn
Today I am "some people"

I should know by now
Things aren't always as they seem
They are usually very different
If time goes on and progression is lacking
Just forget about it
Because somethings never change
Some people never change

I've been taught to let things happen
Roll with the punches
Go with the flow
But today I'd rather not
Today I would rather be making things happen
Throwing the punches
Creating the flow

Oh, Some people never change
I never change
I guess this will never change


Ayekah said...

Olivia, I stumbled upon your blog... and I am impressed by your writing, your honesty and your ability to speak candidly without (apparent) fear. I think you write quite well and I would encourage you to continue.

Ayekah said...

Would you mind if I read your blog from time to time? You are young, keep writing.... speak your truth.

I'm Olivia said...

Thank you, that is kind. I will continue on, hoping you'll continue to read! :) Thanks!

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