It's Time

Day in and day out is the same.
But lately I've been needing something different.
Happy but stagnant,
leaves me only pleased with life
but partially unfulfilled.
And right now, fulfillment is crucial.
There are those that care,
those that don't know to care
those that just never really cared enough to care.
That is where I stand.
I care,
but sometimes
I don't know to care
even then,
sometimes I just don't care enough to care
and I think...
"You know, this is just me, this is Olivia"

When I know that I can do better.

What I really have come to wonder is how do I know what to love in my future, when I don't know what it is I loved in my past, or what it is I love in my present.
The surprise comes in compromise because no one knows life without some form of sacrifice.
So what to learn from it all?
1. Be understanding of individuals. You wake up each day with your own trials, your own errors, your own dreams, ambitions and desires. Remember that every body else does too.
2. Be careful of the things you say. Someone, somewhere may be listening, and you may hurt them. A laugh from a joke isn't worth the tears that could come from that same joke.

Strive to be better everyday. Prepare yourself for the day to day, but don't forget that your day to day eventually leads to your future. If you aren't heading in a direction of what you want to do and make no change, then your future lies in your present.

And remember, when all you get is the grind,

chin up, better days are on their way.


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