Love can.

Over a year ago I ventured into a thought that changed the way I saw things.
That thought was this...

You know the moment when you finally realize that what you have thought all along was in fact false?
Me too. I have spent my entire life thinking that once love comes, that is it, and there is never anything better. But I have been wrong all along, there is something better. Love is great, love is fun and love is happy, but love changes and love grows. Although it seems scary, there is never anything better. And that is when you find there is something better than simply finding love. It is when you realize that your love gets bigger and stronger every day. It's like you gave your love muscle milk and a gym pass. It's when you realize that you have just fallen even more in love than you ever thought possible.. again. Tonight I fell in love, again. Over and over. I knew I loved before, but I got reassurance and somehow this tremendous love I have... grew. Call me crazy, call me strange, but there is no un-cliche way to say I love you.

(Written November 13, 2009 but for some reason I never actually posted it... I stumbled across it this evening.)

That thought did change me. It has reminded me through good times and bad times that love is real. It has shown me, by experience, that love can heal a broken heart.

I have no doubt.
Love can.

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