I don't say much anymore

Not because I don't have much to say
Just because not enough is said in return
And though I like to be open and real
Reality is enough this time

You can't continue to care like you always have
When the care is never retraced
And you can't keep reminding that once
Yes once
It was worth the effort
While you are reminded every day
That your worth is not enough

Well maybe I should have something to say.
Something like...

You are losing it all because you are letting this go. Even with the hard times and the task at hand, this is what you chose. You could have held on and kept hope but you let it go. I can't repeat myself enough, YOU LET THIS GO. I was here, you know I have been here, but now it has been too long. And the "closer" it gets, the further we fall apart. I know there is reason I don't hear your voice anymore. The exact reason remains undisclosed, but in time I always know. I try to forgive and I try to forget, but you cannot forget your everyday just like I cannot forget mine.
Even still, I can't tell you enough how much I'm missing you here.

...I suppose there is no good in having something to say,
so I won't say much anymore.

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